In a world that displays increasing division, skepticism, anger, war and harm, we, as humans, must relish in the moments that can lift us up out of those realities.

The world is a beautiful place too, and we see that young people display optimistic and hopeful attitudes when they are surrounded by uplifting, inspirational, and bright stories, people, and situations.

Be it a true or fictional story, with a theme such as Uplift, we feel that people attending the festival will engage in conversation surrounding this theme.  Triumphs in the face of adversity, challenges overcome, making good from bad, and changes in thinking will be the prominent feature of the films and events planned for the festival.

We want to Uplift the youth of today where truth, creativity, imagination and fantasy can help to form new friendships and and discover something new.

The theme UPLIFT was chosen as we want to provide positive messages for young people.  We want to celebrate ideas, stories and films that celebrate aspects of young people’s lives.

We feel genuine responsibility for the youth who attend the AIYFF and feel that we are helping them navigate their way through life in a positive way.