Starting with performances from Centre Stage Academy, Circobats, Singer/Songwriter Ned Baulderstone and the Vibe 5 from the Studio Star Factory, the audience will then be introduced to the outreach program developed with the City of Port Adelaide and Enfield”REEL BIG FILMZ” where three groups of young people created films in short workshops with industry mentors.

Following the REEL BIG FILMZ screenings we will announce the recipients of the SHORT FILM WORX initiative where emerging young filmmakers are chosen to participate in a 9 month development program with their own project.

The 2018 AIYFF Ambassadors will be introduced and to talk about their experiences at the Giffoni Film Festival in Italy and our poster Talent will be presented with their individual posters.

Finally, the 2018 awards will be announced:

Major Award Categories as follows:
  • Best Overall Film
  • Best Film made FOR  5-13 year olds
  • Best Film made FOR  13-18 year olds
  • Best Film made FOR for 18+ year olds
Recognition Award
Contribution Award
Best Film by International filmmaker/s aged 5-18
Best Film by Australian filmmaker/s aged 5-13
Best Film by Australian filmmaker/s aged 13-18
Best Film by South Australian Junior School
Best Film by South Australian Middle School
Best Film by South Australian High School

Session Details:

  • Director: AIYFF
  • Runtime: 1:30:00
  • Made In: 2018
  • Age Group: 5 - 10yo, 5 - 13yo, 10 - 14yo, 13 - 18yo, 15 - 18yo
  • Country: Australia
  • Category: Live Action, Animation, Documentary, Feature, Short Film


  • Saturday Aug 25, 2018 Session 2: 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm