A solitary drone travels great distances as he seeks the meaning for his existence. As time passes, he begins to experience magnificent mirages which delicately fuse and eventually conceals his bleak reality. In imaginary scenes of great colour and vibrancy, his life slowly fills with meaning. His felicity, however, is short-lived as his artificial nirvana falls apart – the result of his rapidly depleting battery. He climbs higher and higher to an either-of-two point before his journey finally comes to an end.

Film Details:

  • Director: Ryan Chow
  • Runtime: 4:42
  • Made In: 2019
  • Age Group: 12 - 14yo
  • Country: Singapore
  • Category: Live Action, Animation, Short Film
  • Made By: Student


  • Wednesday Sep 18, 2019 Session 2: 11:15 am - 12:15 pm