Eliza, an absent mother, steps back into her young daughter, Myra’s life once she discovers that her mother, Lorrie, is raising the child to believe in fairy tales. The Princess and the Pea explores themes of protection, motherhood, and how our decisions affect our loved ones. In this story, the characters struggle with what is lesser of two evils: a painful lie or painful truth. The film both celebrates and exposes the dangers of living in a fairy tale.


Film Details:

  • Director: Danielle Boyd
  • Runtime: 6:00
  • Made In: 2017
  • Age Group: 13 - 18yo
  • Country: Germany
  • Category: Live Action, Short Film
  • Made By: Adult


  • Friday Aug 24, 2018 Session 1: 10:15 am - 12:15 pm