Cameron Nugent – A Boy Called Sailboat Director

Coming on Tuesday 17th of September

“My mind is full of crazy scenarios and stories, and SAILBOAT was just one of those that ran through my head a lot. It sort of spawned from wanting something huge and beautiful to come some somewhere small and unlikely.”
An excerpt of an interview he did and if you can find out more down below!

Andrew Curry – Producer of a Boy Called Sailboat

Coming on Tuesday 17th of September

Andrew Curry is an Australian producer and actor who has appeared in many television drama and comedy series, and in feature films. One of Curry’s most notable roles was Larry “Woody” Woodhouse in Neighbours.
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A Second Chance Rivals – Director Clay Glen as well as Talents Emily Morris and Stella Shute

Coming on Tuesday 17th of September

Clay is a multi-award winner having won over 50 awards in State and National Professional Photography Competitions and holds Master Photographer status with the Australian Institute of Professional Photography.

Daniel Clarke – A New Island Home Co-Director 

Coming on Thursday 19th of September

To entertain and educate audiences in how reconciliation can be achieved in unique and positive ways. Ultimately we would love to see other small country football and netball leagues recruit indigenous players from across the country and offer them work experience in the local community.

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Rad from Good Game: Spawn Point 

Coming on Friday 20th September

“I’ve played games ever since I was a little kid! My dad used to install games on our home PC, and I’d play them with my sisters. I love that they can be so many things – silly, competitive, social, entertaining, fun. And I’ve always been interested in technology, so gaming fits right into that!