Every year the AIYFF will host young people (Aged 13+) from several selected countries and welcome them to our lovely city.

The young people will watch films, participate in workshops and events, have free time to tour the city and beyond, all the while making worthwhile friends and contributing to the final decisions for winning films.

The AIYFF encourages youth from all over the world to discuss, share and express their ideas and differing points of view.

The international jurors together with national and local juries and their buddies will debate and determine whether the films contribute to the theme UPLIFT.

The international jurors are accommodated at a group vacation location in Adelaide with their chaperones. Their buddies will meet up with them every day of the festival and participate in organised events with them.

The AIYFF aims to develop our event into an all-inclusive multicultural event, similar to other international youth film festivals around the world.

If you are interested in jury members from your country attending the AIYFF in 2018 and beyond, register below.

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